space & process

The Echo Mill

Located in Chicago’s historic McKinley Park neighborhood, The Echo Mill is an independent recording studio owned and operated by Matt Holmes. The Echo Mill’s objective is to be an inspiring and inviting atmosphere for artists to explore their ideas and to document that process. We feel that making records should be about people coming together in a supportive environment, and pushing each other to create something bigger and better than the sum of its parts.

As a musician, Matt knows what it is like to be in independent working bands, and how much you have on your plate. With extra room for out‐of‐town musicians to stay, flat project‐based rates, and the ability to help in whatever facet of the recording process you need ‐ there is less for you to worry about. No need to keep a watchful eye on the clock, no need to figure out accommodations, just focus on your music. Whether you need a great space to track drums for your solo record, mix your new single, or you’re a touring band who needs to a place to get away, write and track your next record ‐ The Echo Mill can help you out.

To learn more, just reach out ‐ we would love to hear from you.

Come say Hi

If you want to learn more, talk about your project, or just say hello, we’d love to hear from you. So get in touch or schedule a tour, there is always beer in the fridge, and shit to be shot.